Satan Is A Sick Guitar Player

I didn’t think hell would be this cool.

When I was told I’m going to hell for listening to Slipknot, I thought it was a joke.

That was on the list. I won’t show the list because it’s rather long.


As I stumble up to the gates of hell, Pain by Three Days Grace is blasting. It was hard not to smile. This was quite the twist. It wasn’t hot, it was actually quite cold. It was almost painfully cold. It was the type of cold that I used to sit in just to feel something when I was alive.

I realized my ex wasn’t here. They must be in heaven. I wondered what was different there. Maybe it was hot like the beach. I never liked the beach, I only liked the sound of the waves at night when it was cold.

Wait, why did **they** go to heaven?

They are the one who killed **me.**

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