Shit On Ceilings

You can find me down the garden path when the sun has fallen. When the sun is down I can’t trust my thoughts but that’s not much different when it’s up.

I can pretend I don’t exist to the world when I’m out here. I can pretend I’ve changed. I search for something out here in the greenery but all I find are people I could’ve done right by.

You can find me down the garden path in tears. Boys don’t cry, that would be a curse, right? No—a sin. That’s a better word for it.

I deserve to have shit smeared on my walls and ceilings. I deserve the be curb stomped. I deserve to be smacked and screamed at.

I deserve to have a happy life in the country with a hunting dog. I deserve to be alone, I don’t deserve a woman’s love.

You can find me down the garden path, praying for change.

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