Looking Through A Magic Mirror

A handsome young man short blonde hair with lavender eyes light purple highlights skin as white as snow wearing a black school uniform with purple designs black boots looking through a magical mirror mesmerizing by the beauty and grace of a young woman playing the piano beautifully dressed in a crimson red dress long silky black hair yellow/ green eyes skin as white as jade singing in a beautiful soft sweet gentle voice the cover song Amor prohibido in Spanish originally preformed by a talented Latina singer who is her namesake. While practicing the piano and singing the beautiful lyrics Amor Prohibido Selena began to sense a presence of someone observing her practice after finishing playing the piano Selena got up from the bench gathered her backpack headed out the door to begin to investigate the identity of the person who was spying on her while walking through the campus grounds unbeknownst to Selena the same young man was observing her previously magically appeared from behind the column from the facility of science he peaked from his hiding place spotted the same beautiful young woman saw through the mirror.

What Selena didn’t know was the young man came from a university in a magical realm where the students are the descendants of fairytale villains like from the fairytale legends like the evil queen from Snow White and the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty. While lost in her thoughts about the strange and mysterious incident her two best friends came walking towards Selena it was Christine and Esmeralda gave their dearest friend a hug and Selena began to tell them in detail about the strange incident occurred while practicing in the music department earlier.

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