Discussing Romeo And Juliet Chapter 2

The Next Question Olga Asks what were the methods used by Romeo and Juliet to end their lives? Then Selena replies Juliet drank a sleeping potion given to her by Frair Lawrence it would make Juliet sleep for 48 hours it was to avoid a forced marriage to Count Paris then while living in exile in Mantua when Romeo hears the unexpected news of Juliet’s death he decides to end his own life to be by her side in the afterlife. Romeo goes to a apothecary to buy a poison. While in the middle of their discussion about the complexity of Romeo and Juliet Karina’s iPhone rings the ringtone Do Your Own Thing Raven-Symone pressed the FaceTime app button image on the screen said hello my friend it was a young woman with curly brown hair light brown/ green eyes light olive skin wearing a light blue shirt and pink skirt wearing a necklace and earrings shared like stars it was Karina’s friend Chanel calling from the library entrance waiting for the arrival of her sister Aurora can spend quality time together reading their favorite novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Chanel asks Karina are they still in the canteen studying for the exam based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Karina replies are in the middle of discussing the backstory of the play Romeo and Juliet just now.

While Karina was FaceTiming Chanel on the phone Esmeralda Olga Christine Selena Tatiana were continuing to discuss the remaining chapters of Romeo and Juliet the themes run through the course of the play. Olga remarks the majority of Shakespeare’s plays were preformed by actors at the Globe theatre aka the playhouse. Then Tatiana replies they should also learn middle about the life of the playwright himself William Shakespeare from his childhood and upbringing in Stratford upon Avon to William’s marriage to Anne Hathaway and their three children. When William had to move from his family to the busy busking city of London to start a life as a actor as well as a well renowned playwright and poet.

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