Rewrite Of A Classic

A beautiful young woman with long silky black hair lavender green eyes wearing a crimson red shirt and skirt black shoes wearing a black and red crystal necklace and earrings shaped as hearts writing in a Journal while sitting at a desk in a bedroom the Story Selena was creating the setting is in the romantic magical city of Verona Italy the characters in the story are a beautiful twelve year old girl with long brown hair and eyes was wearing a dress young woman and girls woren during the renaissance the identity of the fair young girl is Juliet was living with her Brother Mercutio along with their parents Catherine and Joseph. Juliet and Mercutio have a loving relationship he’s very protective over is beloved little sister Juliet. While in the middle of writing the next chapter of the story Selena heard a knock on the door it was her sisters Melody and Sakura walking into the room Selena turned around from the desk greeted Hello to both of her sisters after giving Melody and Sakura a warm hug the sisters went to the bed sat down on the floor then Melody asked what was Selena doing earlier before they arrived then their sister replied she’s began writing a story about two siblings living during the renaissance in the busy busking city of Verona. Then Sakura spotted a photo of their aunt Esmeralda once worked as a known professional dancer in a renowned company in Paris France over twenty five years ago in the photo Esmeralda was wearing a costume as a gypsy holding a tambourine in her hand wearing a beautiful dress with the colors red purple and gold Esmeralda was also wearing a purple scarf with the designs of stars and moons. Esmeralda was holding in her other hand a fan while standing in a pose on stage during a performance then Selena preceded to tell her sisters maybe their aunt is some how related to the Gypsies once used to live in Paris centuries ago. Then Sakura asked what was the story she’s writing Selena replies while Catherine and Joseph were busy discussing with their servants about a dinner party they’re are hosting that night with their friends Juliet and Mercutio were busy shopping at the market place in the town square to purchase supplies for the dinner party tooking place at their residence that night.

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