Study Session In The Library

Selena Leia, Christine, Esmeralda ,Jessica, and Reina were in the library not far from the university attended in the city of Tokyo Japan sitting at a table together reading a book how to pronounce French words it will help the girls study for a upcoming exam on the life of a brave courageous young woman St. Joan of Arc fought alongside the French Army to save France and to drive their enemies out of the country. Then Christine replies the history of the Hundred Years war is very complicated and complexities of the ruling English Royalties were on the French throne.

French Pronounciations

Demremy Do-Ray-mee

Dauphin Doh-fa

Fierbois Fee-air-bwa

Chinon Shee-no

Orleans or-lay-o

Reims Ra-s

Rouen Roo-o

These are the words are associated with the story of Joan of Arc the Village of Demremy was actually the birthplace of her family the town of Rouen is the location of Joan’s execution by burning at the Stake in the town square at the age of 19. Then Esmeralda replied when Joan was a child began to hear mysterious voices calling her to save France and crown the rightful king on the throne in the town of Reims. The town of Orleans was Joan’s first battle she fought against the English army. Then Selena preceded to tell her friends over the two years Joan was fighting in the battlefield to win a victory against their enemies.

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