The Vangaurd League

"Celine, what are you doing! We’ve dedicated our whole lives to the Order!" Minerva shrieks.

"Minnie, give me one reason we’re with the Order, one reason that they’re better than the Vanguard League."

Minerva's eyes widened in disbelief, a mixture of shock and desperation evident in her voice. "The Order stands for tradition, for stability! We've thrived under their structured ways for centuries. Our parents were on the Order and our grandparents. They've led us to peace and prosperity. The League is untested, their ideals are a gamble!"

“Oh right the Vangaurd League is a gamble, and what the Order is so much more stable? The order doesn’t have more than one mind! I’ve spent week at the Vanguard Manor and they’re wonderful people Minerva! All our lives we’ve been fed the idea that they were wild animals who were unorganized, and incapable of being useful. None of it’s true Minnie. Come with me we can join together and rid ourselves of the corrupt Order. We can do it, together.”

"But Celine, how can we be certain the League won't lead to chaos? The Order, flawed as it may seem, has provided structure and security for generations. It's all we've ever known. What if the League's ideals aren't as reliable as they appear? I'm scared, Celine. What if we're making a mistake?"

"Minnie, I understand your fears, but staying within the confines of the Order won't guarantee a better future. . I'm not asking you to blindly follow; I'm asking you to question, to hope for something better. We can make a difference, shape a new path together.”

Minerva hesitates, her eyes reflecting a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. "Celine, I... I need some time to think. This is a lot to take in, and it's such a huge decision. Can we meet again tomorrow? I'll... I'll consider it. Just give me some time, please."

I nod. "Of course, Minnie. Take all the time you need. I'll be here. We'll figure this out together." With a hopeful but worried gaze, I watch Minerva depart, the uncertain future hanging heavy in the air between us.

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