Serious Chat

Samantha was having a deep discussion with her friends Selena, Christine, and Esmeralda in the music department. Samantha was telling Selena, Christine, and Esmeralda about a serious situation involving her cousin Ariel and her now Ex boyfriend Josh recently discovered last month about his eight month affair with their mutual friend Ashlee. Christine replies in a concern tone in her voice how did the confrontation Ariel had with Ashlee and Josh went down. Samantha tells her friends in the middle of the afternoon Ariel arrives home from working at a coffee shop spots Ashlee’s car in the driveway Ariel immediately became suspicious walked to the entrance of the house unlocked the door.

Ariel went inside spotted the pair sitting a little bit too close on the couch. Selena, Esmeralda, and Christine were listening to Samantha’s story with disbelief knowing Ariel was experiencing the shocking betrayal of the two people Ariel supposed to trust the most. Then Selena finally asks did Ariel ever say anything about her heartbreaking experience to Samantha later in the day. Samantha replies their conversation about what happened when Ariel went out to have dinner with Samantha and their friend Yoona at a Korean restaurant was in town. While having their non alcoholic beverages sitting at a booth together Ariel began to rely the shocking revelation upon discovering Josh was emotionally and romantically involved with another woman then Ariel revealed the mistress was actually their friend Ashlee. The expressions on Yoona and Samantha’s face were shocked suprised and quite frankly speechless when it was announced that Ariel was betrayed by someone from their circle of friends.

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