Studying Romeo And Juliet

Selena, Christine ,Tatiana ,Karina ,Esmeralda Olga , Mina were in the canteen not for from the university they attended in Tokyo Japan were in the middle of a discussion about a up coming Exam on Shakespeare’s tragic love Story Romeo and Juliet themes complicated complexity of the relationships between the characters the historical context takes place in the City of Verona Italy during the renaissance. The senseless long standing feud between the well known noble families Montagues and Capulets Selena preceded to tell her friends the exam will begin next week it’s being taught by Professor Astrid Lee it will prepare the girls for their trip to Verona Italy for next month Then Karina replied are they going to visit and experience the Juliette Residence and explore the sites and locations have inspired Shakespeare to write his famous love story have been enjoyed by so many people for centuries.

Then Christine remark while the girls were sitting at a table with notebooks and pens right next to them. Christine continues the feud between the families was for political reasons and ideals debating which leaders the citizens should follow the pope or the holy Roman emperor Esmeralda replied the real Juliette lived with her parents and brother Mercutio over seven hundred years ago it remains a mystery to this day how and when Juliette died or her age but the disappearance of her body from the Tomb located outside the city walls are also still unsolved mystery too. Then Tatiana added to the discussion years after the disappearance of Juliette’s remains the interiors of her tomb changed to a stable for the livestock. Then Olga began to read the play a few months ago while reading a book in the library finds the play quite intriguing fascinating and a beautifully written story which it proves the power of Love is so much stronger than hate.

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