Recording A Song In A Studio

A beautiful young woman long silky black hair lavender green eyes with a white ribbon wearing a crimson red dress black designs earrings sliver and white butterflies and a necklace to match and a pair of white shoes was singing beautifully with a soft sweet gentle voice cover song Let It Go originally Demi Lovato Selena Leia began to sing the first verse

Snow Glow on the mountains tonight Not. Footprint to be seen A Kingdom of Isolation and it looks like I’m a queen to the microphone wearing a pair of headphones envisioning being transported back in time to the Kingdom of a kind hearted royal righteous queen ruling over her subjects the identity of this benevolent ruler on the throne her name Astrid while lost in her thoughts during the recording a handsome young man snuck into the studio shoulder length silky black hair grey eyes skin as smooth white as jade wearing a black shirt with red designs white pants and sneakers to match sat on the couch facing the sound booth the identity of the young man Wei Li actually a close friend and Classmate of Selena’s from the university they attended together in the city of Beijing China.

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