Sisters / Maria Goretti

Three beautiful little girls were playing in the courtyard near the palace with their beloved family these girls were the grand duchesses Tatiana Maria and Anastasia spending quality time together outside meanwhile Olga was busy in the library writing homework and studying with a tutor while father was busy in the office working on important documents regarding the government Alexandra was taking care of Alexei in the nursery these were the words photographs Selena Jennie Lisa Jisoo and Leia were reading from a book while visiting the Alexander palace in Tsarkoe Selo Russia researching learning more about the four grand duchesses and their family history which includes Peter the Great and Catherine the Great Russia’s first female monarch there was a portrait of Catherine on display in one of the rooms while strolling the long hallways with book in hand Leia and her sisters were looking at so many photographs of the entire Romanov Family throughout the years sharing many precious moments together. While strolling to the bedrooms of the grand duchesses Olga Tatiana Maria and Anastasia Nikolaevna the girls can sense feel hear the spirits of the Romanov children running laughing giggling down the hallway playing together then Selena said to her sisters when they head back home to Tokyo Japan start planning the next location could travel to Italy especially the Village of Nettuno City of Verona to learn more about regarding the lives of St. Maria Goretti and the legend of Juliette then the sisters began singing beautiful gentle soft sweet voices in harmony song lilic Russian language envisioning the Romanovs and their faithful servants were uncertain if any of them are going to survive towards the end of the Russian revolution tragically their destiny being holy Royal martyrs passion bearers and saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. The painful truth and memories of the horrific tragedy on July 17,1918 made the sisters feel little emotional.

While walking on the long dirt road heading towards a abandoned cheese factory in a small Italian village once lived a young girl sacrificed her life protect defend her purity and virginity against a vicious predator attempting to steal her purity in a act of bravery and courage to resist the advances of her attacker young girl Maria Goretti was only eleven years eight months old when she was stabbed a total fourteen times. When Selena finally arrived at the cheese factory with a basket of white lilies which symbolizes purity in hand went up the steep staircase went through the door walked into the chapel placed the white lilies on the spot where Maria was attacked on tragic day on July, 6 1902 kneels on her knees praying in silence began singing memories by Within Temptation with a beautiful soft sweet gentle voice singing to the meaningful lyrics Memories tears begin streaming down her face got a little bit emotional got up from the floor went down the stairs went over to the gravesite to little Maria placed two more white lilies on her grave Selena spent a few moments looking at the statue of Maria located near the gravesite began to stroll towards the hospital where Maria spent her final moments before passing away from the injuries received during the brutal attack hours before.

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