Travel Through The past

A beautiful young woman with long flowing silky brown hair yellow/green eyes skin as white as fallen snow wearing a light pink sweater matching long pants and black boots walking a long stretch of road heading towards the winter palace once the residence of the Romanovs Selena was envisioning being transported back to a bygone era in imperial Russia lost in her thoughts little did Selena know being followed and observed by a handsome young man with shoulder length brown hair blue eyes also wearing long warm clothes hiding behind a tree it was actually Selena’s boyfriend Fuji making sure the safety of his beloved girlfriend began quietly and silently following and trailing Selena to the winter palace as Selena reached the palace entrance open the door the interiors were so exquisitely beautiful decorated with so many photographs of the Romanovs with friends relatives spending quality time together in peace happiness sharing intimate moments over the years while Selena was walking the long corridor in search of the bedrooms of the grand duchesses Olga Tatiana Maria and Anastasia while Selena was busy admiring the beautiful decorations of the winter palace Fuji was not far behind trying to catch up with his girlfriend can join her to experience a bygone era of time together when they entered the bedroom of the two eldest daughters Olga and Tatiana known within the family as the big Pair can sense the presence hear the voices of the four grand duchesses laughing giggling together while doing their daily routine and chores before going to their lessons with their Tutors.

After looking through the bedroom Selena and Fuji headed towards the bedroom of the youngest daughters Maria and Anastasia also known as the little pair Selena was telling Fuji while walking down the hallway last year she and her friends Christine Esmeralda went to Ekaterinburg to visit the Ipatiev house where the Romanovs spent their final months in their earthly lives Selena continues while going from room to room suddenly the girls begin to hear beautifully haunting melodies a song Lilac in the Russian language coming from the abandoned basement the Romanovs and their faithful servants were executed by the Bolsheviks on the early morning hours of July 17 1918.

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