Dancing In The Studio

A beautiful young woman with long flowing black hair wearing a headscarf skin as white as fallen snow wearing a white shirt long purple skirt with stars and moons designs wearing a gold hoop earrings a necklace shaped like a cross dancing so beautiful gracefully in the rehearsal room listening to Hijo de La Luna sung by a talented singer Sarah Brightman in front of a mirror Esmeralda was envisioning being transported back in time to the busy busking city in Paris France preforming in front of a large crowd on stage during a festival. While Esmeralda was busy concentrating on her dance movements and the choreography little did Esmeralda know a handsome young man with shoulder length blonde hair light purple highlights yellow eyes skin as white as jade was watching and observing Esmeralda from behind the door young man name Taeyong wearing a white shirt black pants and white sneakers was mesmerized by Esmeralda’s grace beauty and her amazing talent for dancing. Taeyong silently and quietly slipped through the door sat down on the floor continued to watch Esmeralda dance just like the Gypsy from the renowned gothic French novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame by French Novelist Victor Hugo. In the midst of dancing the choreography Esmeralda suddenly stopped saw the reflection of someone sitting on the floor watching her.

Esmeralda went over to the labtop shut off the music then walked over to where the guy was sitting on the floor Esmeralda sat right next to him extended her hand replied hi it’s nice to meet him name is Esmeralda then the guy’s response it’s a pleasure to meet you too Esmeralda name is Taeyong.

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