A Journey In China

A young university Student was studying abroad in the country of China strolling in the woods located in the Chinese countryside suddenly Selena Leia hears a haunting beautiful sounds and Melody coming from a flute Selena Leia walked a little further to investigate the source of the sound then spotted a handsome young man with long dark black hair grey eyes a face as white as jade in a second he stopped playing smiled introduced himself Wei Wuxian is a member of a clan lives in a village on the other side of the woods. Then the two friends went strolling into the furthest part of the woods then Wei Wuxian asked what was Selena here in China Selena Leia replied to Wei she’s wants to learn more about China’s history finds it so fascinating interesting and quite intriguing as well.

While they were on their way to the village Wei Wuxian has been living in for the past thirteen years with is family and childhood friend Chen Qi while deep in conversation the weather was sunny warm with a nice gentle breeze in the air. Then Wei asked Selena how long she’s be staying in China replied she’s be in china for a few months before heading back home to the city of Bangkok Thailand where Selena Leia is a student at a university.

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