Mysterious Encounter

Handsome young man silky black hair with purple highlights matching eyes skin as smooth as Jade wearing a black shirt pants and white sneakers on his way to a recording session at a music studio with his band mates begins to hear a beautifully mysterious voice coming from a distance then Hajime hide behind a tree saw a beautiful young woman with silky long black hair grey/green eyes skin as white as snow wearing a light pink dress with white shoes with earrings and a necklace shaped as hearts singing with a beautiful soft sweet gentle voice a song Once Upon a Dream while dancing beautifully and gracefully by herself. Hajime was mesmerized by the young woman’s beauty and grace. Hajime stepped from the hiding place took her hand to introduce himself to the woman. Her name is Selena Leia attends the Same University as Hajime in the city of Tokyo Japan then Hajime replies to Selena he was on his way to a recording session when was drawn to the mysterious sound got curious about the source of the song decided to investigate. Then Selena replied to Hajime she was preforming her favorite song from a classic ballet titled Sleeping Beauty then Hajime precedes to tell Selena he’s a singer in a group which Hajime works as a Idol at the same time being a university student.

Selena sat down on a nearby white stone bench Hajime sat right next to her began having a conversation about their love and passion for music.

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