Journey To Lividia palace

Christine was Strolling down on a long stretch of road leading to the Palace in Lividia the residence of the last Russian monarch and his family Christine was envisioning being transported back to the past in the early 20th century the four grand duchesses Olga Tatiana Maria Anastasia and their brother Alexei wearing matching white clothes and hats carrying big white flowers celebrating the special occasion White Flower Day a charity to raise money for patients were suffering from tuberculosis. While heading towards the entrance of the residence Christine begins to sing beautifully with a sweet soft gentle voice the haunting melodies and lyrics to Once Upon a December in the Russian language.

Christine can sense the spirits and hear the voices Laughing and giggling coming from the five imperial children enjoying their time together while their parents are with the advisers in the corridors discussing the future and status of the government when Christine finally arrives to the palace begins to heading over to the square where the Romanovs would hold their charity Bazaars to sell the majority of different varieties of handmade goods. One her way to see the room where the Romanov children would have their daily lessons Christine Spotted a white stone bench near the entrance sat down while lost in her thoughts about the Romanovs the IPhone starts to sound of a ringtone Gee Girl’s Generation pressed the FaceTime app button the image on the screen said hello dear sister it was a beautiful young woman with shoulder length brown hair lavender eyes light pink dress white shoes wearing earrings and necklace shaped as crosses it was Christine’s sister Esmeralda calling from the library entrance going to read their favorite Novel Pride and Prejudice by British novelist Jane Austen.

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