The Unknown

From a half of a mile away, I notice a rainbow colored, harmless looking creature walking towards me. It seems to be a female and resembles a human in many ways. Her ears are about 2 inches wider than humans and I notice that her hair moves willingly and seems to be just as alive as her. As she gets closer, I notice two infinity symbols on the side of her face, both about an inch vertically and horizontally. The symbols would begin to glow as she is within ten feet of a living creature. She’s a quarter of a mile away now, I finally blink after staring at her for three minutes and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. She’s right in front of me, five feet away and her infinity symbols are glowing at a constant. All I can feel is love radiating from her, although she hasn’t spoken a word. I began to speak and right before words could leave my mouth, a message is sent to me internally from her. I could feel it inside of my entire body as she said “When you don’t fear, your imagination is real” then she disappeared into the sky and a rainbow formed.

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