Day by day we trod the wavy dunes battling to maintain a slither of hope, utter desolation reigned from all direction

And soon a sandstorm would follow.

“Alright everyone we’re going to huddle up, quickly lock up in pairs of two.!”

The men frantically hustle.

“Form the compass formation, we’ll head north toward the storm!”

“Remember, keep your backs pressed tight and try to keep up.!”

The storm was strong but so were they, the 4 men pressed forward.

Unable to see what’s in-front of them, luckily they stumble across a shattered building.

One by one they scurry in gathered across each other. in disbelief, sighs and silence said more than enough

the 4 men slumped to the ground to get some sleep.

“We’ll pick this up tomorrow.”

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