Out pops a Werewolf

As Markus watched from the roof through the sky light he could see the torrent of energy lashing out from the vortex. Declan found a way to use the energy created by the portal to power the city. “Malcom, I am impatiently disgusted with how slow you are going. We need more out put from the portal...you said you could handle this. Do I need to find someone else?” Declan clenched his cane. “Don’t rush me. I’m being as careful as I can.” Malcolm was sweating profusely. One wrong adjustment could either suck them into the vortex or make it expand uncontrollably.

Markus kept a close eye on the vortex waiting for something to catastrophic to happen. Suddenly, the vortex began flashing and growing until it was the size of a door way. “Malcom you genius you did it!” Declan applauded as he tucked his cane under his arm to clap. “I didn’t do anything yet...” Malcom scratched his head puzzled. The air grew still and a blood curdling growl came from vortex as a beast emerged. Markus couldn’t believe his eyes, but they were all three in the midst of a folk lore legend. The werewolf howled as every window shattered and Markus fell through the skylight.

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