Only One Time

First I wake up, feeling my body pressed hard against what feels like a bathroom floor, and try to comprehend where it is I am. I can taste the leftover aroma of vomit still in my mouth but my memory is failing me as to explain what has happened the night before. I force myself to find the strength to get up and go out to what feels familiar enough to be my bedroom. I crash down on my bed and close my eyes. I then open my eyes and am distracted by a particular smell that I couldn't shake off and just go to sleep. Once I saw it, there was like a flash of memory and I partially remembered what had happened the previous evening and it involved that particular drug sitting on my vanity. I go over to it and just stand there, observing the entity that has made me feel absolutely incredible. In the back of my mind, I knew it was a bad path to start on so I decided to get rid of it. Once was enough to experience it I thought to myself. I showered quickly, threw on some clothes, and went downstairs. It felt like the morning to me, but as I am staring at the time, it has read 4:08 pm. I make some microwavable waffles quick and go back upstairs. My phone suddenly rings and it reads “Beth” I answer it and she asks me if I want to meet her at the park. I say okay and walk down a few blocks. She waits for me to come over to her and asks me if I remember correctly what happened last night. I don't, but I act as if I do. She has a concerned but relaxed look in her eyes. As she pats me on the back, she says “welcome back”. I am frozen in my space, realizing the exact words she's spoken has sounded like I have died- I just sit down next to her and say nothing on the bench.

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