The war was raging around me as I held my sword in both hands, I had been placed at the back of the garrison so I might have to wait a bit until I can get into the fight.

Up at the front of the army I could see my brother Hector shouting commands to the rest of the Trojans. I couldn’t really hear him from back here, but other heralds regaled his orders so I didn’t need to.

Suddenly the men in front of me were charging forward and I hurried along behind them trying to keep ahold of my sword. As we spread out I caught the sight of Greek armour glinting ahead of me and being cut down. We had the advantage now that Achilles was no longer in the picture and we cut through their ranks like butter. I still hadn’t fought anyone and my heart was pumping with blood lust, so I pushed forward towards the front ranks.

I reached the battle where swords clashed and bodies dropped around me. Looking up I tried to find a Greek to attack and that was when I saw him, Menelaus, my sworn enemy. He was killing Trojan after Trojan coming straight towards me. I stripped my sword tighter my blood boiling, I could take him. Then he looked at me, blood shining on his sword. I can’t take him I backed away letting the other warriors make a barrier between us. Though I didn’t know how long that would last so I turned tail and fled.

I looked up as someone roared my name almost falling over in my fear it would be Menelaus. ‘PARIS’ it was Hector and he looked livid. ‘You sex-craved seducer you should never have been born, then you would not have made us the laughing stock of the Greeks. The Trojans are too soft you should have been stoned to death long ago.’

I hung my head in shame at his words and nodded my head ‘you are right of course Hector you always are.’ I couldn’t bear to have disappointed my brother so much and cast my mind on how to fix my cowardice. ‘Let me and Menelaus meet in the centre of the two sides and fight where the winner can take back all the property.’ Hectors face lit up and the prospect and he immediately swooped to the front of the ranks to inform the Greeks.

And that is how I found myself in a circle of friends and foes about to battle Menelaus to the death.

I hurdled my spear at him but it simply hit Menelaus shield and did no damage, I cursed to myself and watched as Menelaus did the same move and I swerved out the way avoiding death by inches. By the time I caught my breath I realised Menelaus was right beside me and swung his sword which thank the gods broke on my helmet. But that was short lived as I then found myself being dragged by my helmet strap back towards the Greek side. I struggled as the pressure on my neck was choking me. I was doomed I knew it I accepted fate, then I felt my strap break and I gasped for air struggling to my feet where I found myself back in my room with my beautiful wife.

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