Oh Fuck

The woman stared up ahead at the man announcing the conference. He began on about the work environment but the girls mind was elsewhere.

She was watching his mouth move, but she wasn’t hearing anything. The only thing she was thinking at the moment, was ‘oh fuck..’.

The woman abruptly got up, and her chair scraped against the floor dramatically, anticipating more attention than intended.

She rushed to her bag, leaving the table in a hurry and dismissing the man who stood in disbelief. “What’s this about?” He asked, angrily. She could see the way his face became red, it would’ve been hilarious if he didn’t follow up with, “if you walk out that door, you’re fired.”

But, she did it anyway.

“Where are you going, this conference could cost you your job?” The receptionist asked as the woman began to run down the corridor.

“I left my oven on.”

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