As the wind caressed my face cycling down the road towards my house, I didn't want this moment to end. I newly got a job and I couldn't wait to ride my bicycle after not using it for a long time. I checked my vintage wrist watch to see, what the time is, how many minutes it will take for me to get to my place of work. As I raised my faced my face to look where I am going. I noticed something strange. I stopped the bicycle to see clearly, blood, a man was carrying a corpse into the boot of his red car. Before, I knew it, I screamed, he noticed my presence. He carried the corpse and forcefully put it in the boot and came after me with a knife in his hands. For a sec, I was shocked, my legs couldn't move quickly, like I expected it to. The feeling was like I was drowning in a quick sand looking for anything to hold on to. As I rode my bicycle, going opposite of where I was coming from, I looked back to see him, entering his red car to chase after me. I began to search for a narrow alley he wouldn't be able to chase me into. The more I stare at the man driving the red car, the more I find him familiar. He was wearing a dark leather oversized jacket. He had a tattoo on his left side of his face.

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