A long day

After a long day at work Rebecca was relieved to be finally on the train going home as she placed her bag on to the empty seat next to her, she took her phone out of the bag to text her wife that she’s on her way home and the day felt like it was never going to end,

she received a reply almost straight away.

“Aww babe I’m sorry, how about a takeaway and a film tonight then a soak in the bath later x” Rebecca smiled as she sent back a quick sounds amazing. She put her phone back in her bag as the train began to move. She rested her head against the window and thought about the evening ahead of her, she thinks about getting home and cuddling up with her wife she can already smell how sweet her perfume smells but the sound of a child laughing brought her out of her thoughts she turned her head and saw a young girl that looks about 7 years old laughing loudly whilst who Rebecca assumes to be the girls mother read her a story, she smiles at the adorable sight and thinks about how she’d love to have a child with Sarah. They have spoken about it and they’re both wanting kids, as the train begins to slow down she notices it’s approaching her station, she picks up her bag and stands up preparing to get off the train and return home.

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