Whispers To The Moon

In Forbidden walls,

A princess weaves her dreams, lost,

Garden of silence.

Loyal servants stand by, still,

Her heart whispers to the moon.

Moon whispers return,

Tales of distant lands and love,

Her loyal heart yearns.

In the palace, she stays true,

Her spirit like the steadfast bamboo.

Bamboo in the wind,

Stands resilient and loyal,

So does her heart wait.

For love that is true and bold,

In the Forbidden City, cold.

Cold stone cannot chill,

The warmth of her loyal heart,

Nor quench her bright will.

She dreams of a love so brave,

To cross mountains, and the waves.

Waves of time roll on,

Her loyalty never fades,

Like stars at night’s dawn.

In the Forbidden City, she stays,

A loyal heart till the end of her days.

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