“ Marlee, have you seen my phone? I’m gonna be late for work!” I swerve around to her. My best friend. Short blonde hair, quite tall, and crystal blue eyes. Where as I have ,long dark hair, about a foot shorter, and have dark green eyes. “Naomi, you work at a library.” She sighs. “And?” “And! And you own it for Pete’s Sake! ” “Give me it.” I hold out my hand and she pulls it out of her pocket and places it there. “Coming with me?” “Course I am! You have my keys!” “I guess I do. Ugh I freaking hate your gift!” ”I certainly didn’t choose to be an oracle! It sucks! And I’m blind! Do you know how hard it is to make a sandwich when your blind!” She huffs. “You think being able to control noise is just so great?” “Ahhhh no, no, no! Noooo !” I lower the volume of her screams. Guess it’s useful for something. “What is it? What’s wrong Mar?” “Naomi, grab the bag in the closet and meet me in the car! Now!” “Why? What’s happening? What did you see?” I scream digging through the closet for this bag. I yank it out and grab my keys. “Come on!” She yells running for the door. “They’re coming!”

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