Under Siege

The window is stuck open and can’t be closed.

Will I ever really know?

I plan then revise and wait.

You can’t make up what there is at stake.

The difference between being lost and being left is whether or not you’re under control.

For someone to ignore you is pretty cold.

Not knowing why they no longer want a connection is hard to bear.

But thinking things could have gone differently is not near.

The window represents us because when I was with you I was excited to spend time with you.

The fact that it can’t be shut represents an opening for the friendship to rekindle.

Once again I miss you.

Please don’t ignore me anymore.

I want you to be my pal again where we can take life on like a sport.

Master movies, pictures, food and clothes.

Oh how I would cherish everything is I could share with you again one of those.

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