Live To Tell The Story

Emily Gray looked at the fallen spaceship. It would take months to repair something like that, and it was the only one they had, so for now they had no contact with planet 24Aew. Some troops arrived asking her what they would do next. “ General Gray, we have already searched the ship for any kind of holoes to contact the motherboard, but they have all been destroyed. What do you plan on doing next? “ the man said, formally, but also with a hint of nervousness in his tone “ I have no plan, cadet. For now all we can do is set camp for the night. We will use emergency supplies for survival, and send a few troops to explore this planet. “ Emily replied confidently. “ What are you two waiting for? Go set some tents, try make a fire, anything. Now! “ the cadets flinched and turned around, heading towards the other troops. Emily showed no fear, but she was afraid. It was her first mission as general, and everything had already gone horribly wrong. The team had collided with an unexpected meteor on the road and crashed on this deserted planet. She truly had no idea what to do, she couldn’t even contact anyone as all the holoes had been destroyed. She steadied her breathing and thought about the next moves. She would make it out of here alive, she had made that promise to herself. She would live to tell the story, and map out this planet, making discoveries no one had ever made before, becoming a famous adventurer, which had been her dream since she was a child. All she had to do was think. A problem cant exist without a solution. “ I will live to tell the story “ she whispered to herself, giving her confidence to keep on going.

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