Oh Rats

Her form-fitted dress looked ravishing on her as she approached the alter. Her lace vail laid beautifully behind her wavy platinum locks. She reached the officiant and I and smiled gently at us. I took her hand and we commenced the start of our vows.

Before the first word was even spoken, chaos ensued. An ear piercing scream shot through the chapel and guests began to flee, pushing and shoving their way to the door. I tried to make out what everyone was shouting and could conclude that there were definitely rats in the pews.

In all the mayhem, the hoard of rats came stampeding up to the alter, straight for my could-have-been bride. She belts out a scream and falls straight back, hitting her head on the officiant’s podium. I stood there, astonished at the events that unfolded before me and sigh…”I do.”

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