A Boy And His Bully

This morning started out like any other I got up for school, I took a shower, I then threw on a pair of black joggers with class of 2022 on the side, a white hoodie with class of 2022 going across the chest,color guard going down the sleeves,and captain on the back, I then threw on some Nike socks and my Nike air shoes and headed for the door even tho it’s only 7:15 in the morning I like heading to school early because being the target of the school for not only being gay but also being captain of a female dominated sport is quite the terrible mixture

I arrive at school around 7:25 I shut my car off and gather my things then head straight for my locker thankfully there weren’t many students here most of them were teachers I reach my locker and put in the combination and just as I had it open I was shoved very forcefully might I add against my locker shutting and locking it once again I turn around an come face to face

With the most arrogant and rude person in the school carter Keith he’s literally on every sport and is captain of both the baseball and basket ball teams plus he’s star quarterback of the football team.

Without anything said and no warnings given I’m drawn from my thoughts by a punch to the face I fall to the floor wending in pain I then start to feel a throbbing pain in my abdomen area and I notice he’s started to kick me in the ribs I’ve probably gotten at least one fractured probably even a broken rib but at this point I’m used to the beating they happen almost everyday I thought I had arrived early enough to miss him but I guess not eventually he grew tired of beating and then just walked away as if nothing happened I finally after what felt like eternity got the strength to get up and open my locker successfully this time might I add and gather my things by this time there’s more students in the hall I look down at my phone and see it already 7:45 and I then rush to home room trying to miss any other bullies of this god forsaken school.

Once reaching home room I turn in the assignment we were given for homework even tho I finished it yesterday during class were not supposed to turn it in until the day it’s due because our teacher isn’t the best at keeping up with things that are turned in early any way my home room is mrs. Brown she teaches advanced senior math which means I’m taking pre-cal this year and so far I’m doing good we’ve had a unit test already and it’s only the second week of school and I passed with a 99

I then look to see if she’s assigned us any more work and she hasn’t which means as usual today is a free day as she plans out this weeks assignments and tomorrow we’ll be doing a double assignment to make up for today and that’s just gonna be loads of fun anyway I take my seat then pull out my air pod pro’s and start listening to Alexander Stewart the songs title is shy and it’s literally amazing homeroom and first period fly by fairly quickly next I have 2nd period which is band so that means I’ll be practicing my halftime routine as well as my solo for this coming Friday’s pep rally.

Second and third period fly by as well and thankfully I haven’t had any run ins with carter and his group of popular people it’s finally break and I’m starving so I head to the break stand and buy myself 2 bottles of core water and 2 bags of hot Cheetos and yes they are amazing don’t judge after break I have 2 periods until lunch before break actually ends tho I head to my locker to put up my first three period books and gather my 4&5th period books which is English and history walking to my English class I have a turn in luck because I was looking down at my phone trying to see what song I wanted to play next and then I bump into something hard like a brick wall and when I look up all life fades out of my body.

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