So Thankful


One way you push to the limit

The next way you pull being bad

The minute I get lifted to a level of the minute

You hit harder you swing wider no divider of mad

Made me hate the things I love

Made me shade what is up above

Can I keep my life today

Can I keep my heart come what may

Do you listen when the truth is told

Do you break the commandment because your old

Never a mission too hard to ignore

Not like care about what you say to the world

Beneficial was safe in his arms

Negative is your focus ring thirty alarms

Come out as Second Nature is nothing for me

Come out as what you are a challenge for thee

What do you mean you can’t live without a fantasy

Of me and a what now deny yourself and wait and see

I didn’t have a list for lusty

The man is truest and trusty

To carry what they do every day with no problem

Work with what you want do you hear me now go solve them

The teams the fours the eights on score

Solve it now betrayers haters and bullshit hypocrite fakers

Be what the world accepts right now

You come out because I am not that loud

Good day I love to you

Good day in love I’ll be

Help me to feel the truth of blue medley too

Keep the peace and lie to me no more

It is as it ever shall be

The end of the day

I will bow my head and pray

Accepted by God

Not doubting his Job

The word is true

I love you blue

But there is the place you might want to know a face

Without much of a trace God move in triune grace

You win you walk you worry tick of the tock clock

Still running on empty Open to the changes in the world

MW first the only thing to fight for is left to you and I

The day you can’t decide subtract or divide

Hello new day you knew two day

Hello old way you knew one way

One forged in One Generation Strong a network

Find the seek of love without hurt

Love so true that you must meet in each realm

Love is real so that you peak in heaven sails

The justices will sing something in the ear of them

More than they deserve to hear a second of be Perfect Ten

Have a heart to be a great companion to your lover

He is to me whatever Heaven used to be for cover

The covering of your life is where we all wish for

Fill in the gaps for what we cannot accomplish this tour

Thankful for the joyful days spent dinning at the table

I am grateful time hasn’t run out and I am so able

What gives if you can ever explain

What lives if you care never to entertain

Life of mine given to you so long ago

Never expected to experience such yearning

For the heart of me is burning to know you journey

To touch to taste to trail over you

I am so enamored by you

Do or do not

Try or do trail

The ones that get it speed on

The 4400 Cluster on

No sign of loneliness as long as networking is involved

No sign of death when life is all we need to continue the Command

Love like it is all He demands

Closer so much closer to what you need

Open natured I know when I decided to see

A better world than what was coming to be

God looked upon us and hugs when the time came

We just failed to change the game

The way that everyone expected

Go forth without prejudice and read the signs like you read a palm

The plan is never about one versus the other but rather joining a journey that hugs like a bear

There is where you are I will see you my dear

The sing

The rhyme

The ring

The time

Settle down with one Man Women of the world

Settle down and cherish his whole world

For you can be happy with more but you might still snore

Get active and don’t be a bore

Happiest with you we cannot be ignored

Never give up on us we are the family

My life without you sad but truth

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