Dear Diary

Tuesday, 20th August

10:40 P.M.

Dear diary,

It happened again. This time, mom was standing right next to me, and I had to stuff my hands underneath my crew neck in order to keep the light invisible to her. That’s twice in one week. The most it’s ever come out in a seven day period. At it wasn’t during an assembly at day camp this time. Gosh— now THAT was scary. I’ll update you next time it happens.

Wednesday, 21st August

11:32 P.M.

Dear diary,

Someone saw me. I’m not sure who, but today, while I was checking out grocery’s at M.K’s, they started glowing. They stopped after about ten-ish seconds (the longest they’ve ever held their state has been fifteen seconds). Luckily, my required gloves hid most of the light, and the old woman that I had been checking out grocery’s for was rummaging through her purse, trying to find her extra quarter to donate to the Children’s Hospital fund, so she hadn’t seen.

But someone had.

A man with a black beanie and green pants looked over at me with wide eyes and bolted out of the store, and from what I could see through the storefront’s window, had driven away faster than the law would ever allow. The odd thing? There was another person in his van ( the van was red, with a huge black letter ‘A’ painted on its side)— a woman— and she immediately pulled out a black box— most likely a walkie-talkie— and started yelling into it.

I’m not sure what all that was about, but I’m planning on finding out.

Friday, 23rd August

8:00 P.M.

Dear diary,

They didn’t glow today, or yesterday, which kind of struck me as odd. I guess I kinda thought that since they glowed two days in a row…

However, I’ve felt… different since the incident at M.K’s. More—how do I describe it? Flowy? Loose? It’s like my head is constantly detached from my body, but I am still conscious and stable. I just don’t know anymore. It probably doesn’t even mean anything.

Saturday, 24th August

3:00 P.M.

Dear diary,

There’s a van parked outside my house. It’s the same van that the beanie man had drove off in on Wednesday. Nobody’s home. I don’t know what to do. What I do know, however, is that writing this is making my head explode. Instead of my usual light-headed state, my head is pounding. It’s like someone has stuck a knife through one side and out the other. Gosh it hurts so bad. I’m going to go lock the front door. I’ll be back to write more.

Saturday, 24th August


Dear diary,

I don’t have much time, so I’ll make this brief. Someone’s in my house. I don’t know how they got in; both doors were locked when I went to check them…

They are coming upstairs. I have to go-

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