Kyla says hello to her daddy, her little dimples peeking out.

Marti climbs out of bed and goes to the kitchen to make breakfast. Ah, what's the point, Kyla’s gone. She pulls out some Chex.

Henry sits at his desk and watches the door. Marti is one beautiful employee…too bad she already has a kid.

Vilate helps pull in another net if fish, wondering if Ben will come in today. She’s going to marry him if it's the last thing she does… and send his brat off to boarding school.

Ben drives to daycare thinking about that cute waitress. He should ask her on a date. Her name tag said Lilly.

Marti bumps into Devon on her way into the office. She smiles shyly at him. His style is so cute. She should ask him out.

Lilly yawns and glances over at Gary. He really is nice. Too bad he’s married…

Devon hurries to his gym class. Maybe Rea will be there again. He really likes her.

Gary looks at Della. He really was lucky when he chose his wife. She smiles up at him.

Rea yawns and decides to cut gym class. That Devon guy seems like a creep and she doesn't want to meet him again. She turns over and goes back to sleep.

“See you later, Daddy,” Lily waves to Ben and trots up to the door. He backs out of the driveway and goes to work.

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