She Shut The Door. Wide Open.

“Aw buggar!, he’s not coming.” Andy said to me, putting her phone down on the coffee table. She was referring to her Jack’s romantic rendezvous later on, that she had told me so excitedly about just moments before.

This was a usual occurrence. Jack would come and go as he wanted. He knew he could muck Andy around and that Andy would forgive him every time.

“Ah” I sighed because the atmosphere of our coffee meet up had changed from excitement and been replaced by a veil of gloom.

I just want to say to her - you’re too good for him - he’s not worth it - don’t waste your time with him. But I don’t. Ive said it all before.

Andy could preempt my thoughts and said “Well that’s it; I’m not gonna have anything to do with him anymore. He’s let me down too many times. I’m gonna close that door. He’s not coming back in my life again.”

I thought to myself that however much she thinks she’s shut the door on him; she’s left that door wide open.

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