Tuesday Morning

Staring up at her husband’s face, Millie couldn’t help but grin back. His eyes bright, full of love and admiration, showed back at her. It was just a Tuesday morning, but every morning, he was delighted to see her. He’d greet her in the kitchen with a French-pressed brewed cup of coffee with half and half, just as she’d always liked it, kiss her lightly on the lips, and proceed to eat his breakfast. Fifteen years ago, he would have asked her what she wanted for breakfast, offering pancakes, bacon, eggs, and stuffed French toast, but he quickly learned that coffee was enough for her at least until later in the day. It was their fifteenth anniversary and even though their hair had peeks of silver and age lightly touched their faces, the chemistry between them was still just as bonding as on day one. Some people could even sense it, noticing the energy of their bond as they walked into a room, they’d turn their heads and stare for a long while before forgetting their potential rudeness.

“Good morning, my love,” said Mille, as she took her first sip of coffee.

“Good morning, my love,” Finn replied, taking a bite of his scrambled eggs. He always liked them with cheese.

“Have you planned anything special for today?” Millie asked, peering over her coffee mug, steam rising and fogging up her glasses. She had never performed a spell to correct her vision. She had thought about it many times, but for some reason it felt, ironically, like cheating.

With a big grin across his face, he replied impishly, “You’ll just have to wait until after I get home from work.”

"Well then," Millie said as she pushed the small dining chair back and stood up to grab another cup of coffee, "I guess that means you'll have to wait too." Looking back at Finn, she winked at him, aware of her posture as she poured her second cup. She could feel his eyes on her body while she wasn't looking. She didn't know sexual attraction was part of the spell when she first cast it.

Walking back to her original seat Finn lightly smacked her bottom, making her let out a small squeal. She giggled as she hurriedly sat down. She couldn't help but love him. He was handsome, intelligent, kind, respectful, things that couldn't be created from a spell. But he was crazy about her. She could never deny that. It wasn't mutual at first, but he kept coming around, talking to her , getting to know her, listening to what she had to say, her interests, her dreams, and her needs. He paid attention to her hidden features, the ones she didn't even know she had. Slowly, she began to notice the same features in him, learning his personality, the one she didn't create with the spell. Millie believed the universe had its own way of solving things, bringing manifestations and positive energies into fruition, but she hadn't expected this over fifteen years ago.

A year and a half of learning about each other, learning to love him, she finally agreed to marry him. He had asked multiple times, but she wanted to return his love fully, unconditionally, without a thought of anyone else in her mind, before she agreed. Playfully, she'd tell him it was too soon. When they were finally married, he was elated, practically floating however, that could have been Millie's doing.

Finn stood up from the table, taking his plate and fork to the sink, rinsing them and doing the same with the frying pan. Preparing to leave for work, he walked over to Millie and softly took her hand, kissed it, kissed her lips lightly, and then her hand again.

"Happy Anniversary, my beautiful wife. I'll see you this evening. I love you," Finn said as he stood back up.

As he walked to the door, Millie replied, "Happy Anniversary, sweet husband. I love you."

Smiling at the door after he had closed it, she thought to herself, "and to think, the spell was meant for his brother. Thank the gods he got in the way."

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