I woke up to hear seagulls outside my window. Strange I don’t live near the ocean. But wait this isn’t my house. I’m confused and scared. There’s a knock on the door and a man comes in.”Your pepermint tea, my lady” As I take it I almost drop it because of how shaky my hands are. The man starts to leave but I grab on to his arm to stop him. My voice shaky I ask him “Were am I? Why does everything look pixelated?” He responds “Oh! Dear me, I forgot the introduction! Well basically you got transported here when you turned 21. And that’s about all we know. Now get dressed.” I blinked and then hopped out of bed “Why did I end up here in a fancy mansion instead of a normal house?” He stops giving a frustrated sigh. “You were very kind and nice in your other life so now you get this mansion because you deserve it. And we will take the tour along with more explanations when you are ready.” With that he opened the big doors and stepped out. I went to my wardrobe expecting frills and puffy dresses but was surprised to see that they were all outfits I would like. I put on a short dress with butterflies on it and some leggings. Then I stepped out through the doors ready for anything, only to realize my hair was a utter disaster. So I went back in, fixed my hair and stepped out through the big doors for a second time.

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