Aging Wisdom

From the day I spoke

To the day I rest

From when I was broke

To not settling for less

I have grown old

Withstood trials

Now with mold

And lots of miles

I found a woman

Of whom I love dear

And now we are livin’

For our ends are near

I found a dog

Roaming the streets

His name is now Hawk

With all foods to eat

I have a daughter

And new son-in-law

I could be a grandfather

I’ll hope it won’t be long

I have made mistakes

As we all have

Some were a disgrace

While others ended in a laugh

It is okay to make mistakes

It is where we all learn

Learn to write words or bake cakes

Learn when to hate and when to yearn

For mistakes are our best teachers

Without them, we’d be weaker

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