West Stop

“Ok I get it already!” My sister, Jean exclaimed exasperatedly.

“Are you sure? Because one slip up and the whole plan is ruined!” I replied back. Jean rolled her eyes and nodded. “Now I’ve made a deal with the Junkers. They’ll take us as far as West Stop and then we’ll move on from there.”

“Ha! I knew it! You’re running away!” Jean and I’s head snapped up towards the doorway. “Conner, go away!” I shouted at the lanky boy in the doorway. He didn’t budge. “Wait til Mrs. Fits finds out!”

“Conner No!” Jean pleaded “we have to find our father! He’s still alive!” Conner’s face morphed from a smirk to a look of disgust. “No!” He point a slim finger at us. “No, you two are orphans and you’ll always be orphans! Your parents are dead! Besides no one ever escapes Mrs. Fits Orphanage!”

A slap echoed through the small room. My hand stung from the slap. but I was satisfied with the look of shock on Conner’s face. No one had ever dared to hit him. He was a bully after all and Mrs. fits little snitch. But I didn’t care now. I grabbed him by the collar,“ Our father is alive! You hear me, and we are going to find him! And no one will stop us! No one!” “Jacob!” Jean shouted , I turn towards her. “The Junkers,”she said, “they are coming.” I shoved a still shocked Conner away from the doorway and dashed for the front door with Jean close behind me.

Glorious hope beamed through my heart as I opened the door to freedom, but all to quickly it vanished at the sight of Mrs. Fits yelling at the Junkers to move on. “There is nothing we have for you to collect today.Go away you filthy wretches! You’ll stink my whole place up!”

I felt the wetness of my tears flow down my cheek. I haven’t cried in years. Seeing the Junkers leave broke me. “Come on!” Said Jean, bouncing with excitement. “Wha-“

“Come on before they get to far.” Jean said before she ran past Mrs. Fits, almost knocking her down. I watched as she leaped onto the back of the Junkers’ truck. I smiled, the Hope started to return. “Oh no you don’t you little brat!” Mrs. Fits yelled, charging up to me. I easily dodged her attempts to get a hold of me. And when she stopped to catch her breath, I smiled and gave a mock solute,“ See you never Mrs. Fits!”

I race down the road, the Junkers’s truck and Jean not far ahead. I grabbed Jeans outstretched hands and she pulled me up. We fell backwards and laughed. The commotion we caused, caused the truck to stop. All three Junkers came out of the cab and looked at us. The burliest of the bunch just shook his head and chuckled ,“Made it out after all I see.” We smiled in reply. “lets get on then.”

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