The Elk-Staff (part 2)

“Brilliant!” The wizard cried, “Let’s set about making this official. So, terms of our deal are: you must retrieve my staff within one week, it must be intact when I get it, you cannot use it unless it is your absolute last resort - if your life is in danger - and in return I will not lock you up and I will let you keep the magic I have just given you.”

I am terrified of this quest he is sending me on but the magic still feels so good, the warmth hasn’t gone away, and I can’t bear watching others use magic when I can’t.

“Ok,” I say, “how do I find your staff?”

“It is in the land of lost memories.” He said, “Off you go now.”

“Wait…!” I cry but in the blink of an eye I’m back outside.

I have no supplies or resources just some magic which I don’t know how to use and a name of a place I’ve never visited, how am I supposed get the staff.

I thought about what he said; I only have a week to do this, I should probably get started.

I took a map out my pocket. I scanned it for the land of lost memories, it seemed as though it was hidden by such a thick forest that there was no way through. This map was supposed to show you the way to get somewhere but I could never do that because I didn’t have magic… but now I do.

I hold the map tight and say:

“The land of lost memories.”

It’s hard to explain but I kind of… willed the magic to show me. My hands became even warmer but also a little sore. A line appeared on the map going from where I was to the land of lost memories, it didn’t go straight and it weaved in and out.

Time to set off I suppose.

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