The 6th Street office in Downtown Los Angeles was buzzing with activity - like it was every Monday morning. Martin aggressively sending out emails. Betty submitting sales reports and quotas before Robert even gets a chance to ask her. Jane is on a conference call with some of the overseas distributing partners. Even I found myself working especially hard. It wasn’t just another day in the hive. Business as usual…or was it? From the outside looking in, nothing seems out of the ordinary. However, something else is lingering in the air. Impending doom. Every employee is hoping for a normal day. Each one shares an internal fear that if they slow down for one second, their situation might change.

The President of the United States and the Governor of California already issued their own separate warnings for what is to come. I wasn’t expecting for everyone to show up today, but everyone did. Are we delusional for being hopeful? Is it crazy to want to work while your world is facing extinction within the next twenty-four hours. We can choose not to believe. Maybe I’ll drive up to my parent’s house and Santa Barbara. Let the waves take me. Hug both of them until the house crashes down on us.

Why the hell I still doing here?

Why am I at work?

I should be with them.

I should be sobbing profusely in the arms of my my mother. I should be listening to my father’s prayers, but I’m here at the office. So is everyone else?


I know we are optimistic but not that optimistic.

That’s it. I’m leaving! People watch me as I gather my things.

“Goodbye, everyone. I hope I can see you all tomorrow.”

The whole room starts to clap. They stand and continue with their applause. The cheers ring out. Even my boss, Robert, the world’s biggest tight-ass is applauding with full force.

I take my overloaded satchel and walk out the door.

When I walk through that door, I step right back into the office I left.

No applause. Everyone is back working. Undisturbed. I check my phone. The impending doom still hasn’t happened, yet. I attempt to exit the office again, but I enter right back into the office lobby.

I’m terrified. Is this it? Did I die already? Did I even get a chance to speak to my parent’s for the last time. I’ll never get married. Never have children.

What did I do to deserve this?

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