“Cookie, bread, or pizza?” asks the waiter.

“Don’t you have veggies,” I reply.

“Cookies, bread, and pizza are all vegetarian, Anne. Don’t be a snob,” hissed Louisa.

“We can do the bread without crust?” chimed in the waiter.

I hate this city. I swear every restaurant serves bread as their main course. I love bread, I do, but I can’t just eat bread all the time. You are what you eat, you know? While bread is warm and tasty, it’s also dense and chunky. Not really my goals.

“I’ll have the cookie,” I grumble.

“I’ll have the combo of pizza and bread, thank you so much!” the waiter writes down Louisa’s order after mine and then nods before sauntering off. Louisa can get the bread and the pizza because she’s a literally stick, and she’s just visiting here. Louisa lives in Barlington where they mostly serve barley, beans, and kale at restaurants. Bread like is quite the opposite. Maybe I need to move.

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