Vain And A Little Insane

I Lay On This Bed Comforted By A Blanket Of Money-

To Me That Is Sweeter Than The Sweetest Honey-

My Wardrobe Shares It’s Space With The Most Expensive Of Gowns-

Oh How They Make Me Feel As If I Could Drown-

Have You Seen My House-

It Makes Me Feel Like A Small Mouse-

It’s Filled With So Many Things-

Some Of Which Are Diamond Rings-

I Look In The Mirror To See Something Beautiful-

Yes Baby My Arrogance Is Plentiful-

I’ve Been Told That I Am Too Vain-

But Their Words Fall Over Me Like Cold Rain-

I’m Young But Not Quite Old-

After All I Was Fed With A Spoon Made Of Pure Gold-

I Wear So Much MakeUp And LipStick-

It Almost Makes Me Sick-

They Say I’m Mean-

But Their Just Jealous Of The Things I Have That Are Green-

So What I’ve Told Some Lies-

I Have To Be Able To Get By-

My Drawers Are Filled With Drugs-

They Invade My Mind Like An Infestation Of Bugs-

There Is Something Special In That Flask-

Oh How I Love To Hide Behind A Glass Mask-

There Are Things You Will Never Know-

For They Can’t Be Part Of The Show-

Maybe I’m Starting To Taunt-

But I Can Do Whatever I Want-

I Am Invisible And You Are Not-

I’ll Remain As You Lay Six Feet Below And Begin To Rot-

I Will Be Forever Wealthy-

Even When You Become Sad And UnHealthy-

Call Me Insane-

But I Will Be The One Who Will Always Remain-

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