Date Night

Your silhouette glimmers in the moonlight,

It's just us, here under a duvet of obsidian midnight.

The rest of the world sleeps and slumbers the seconds away,

Awaiting the newness and possibility of tomorrow's day.

We enjoy a crispy winter evening stroll,

Releasing lives before, feelings that have taken such a toll.

You spy my golden elephant brooch, the one my grandmother gave me,

At that you smile, enchanted, your aura winks sweetly.

Above, the diamonds glitter and they glow,

Twinkling stars shimmer, reflected in the icy snow.

The scent of pine and cinnamon scurrying all around,

Unbelievable, this burning emotion we have found.

In you I have discovered my greatest soul mirror,

Tangled in our golden rope, I'll always keep you near.

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