Until Tomorrow

“And I soon I started to see something I hadn’t seen before,” I mumbled, I had just started this book, and already I had fallen so deep inside I couldn’t stop.

“Well I had seen it before, I just chose to ignore it,” I continued. “The look of his like green eyes, his perfect curved smile. I knew at that moment I was falling in love. Something that terrified me. And always would.

“He grabbed my hand slowly bring his smile into view. A smile that had me so dizzy I almost fell over. ‘Emily, Merry Christmas.’ He held out a small present, wrapped in gold paper. I took it my hands shaking as I gently ripped the paper. I gasped as I looked inside, a diamond. A pure diamond. Just sitting there rocking back and forth.

I grabbed Ty squeezing him close. ‘Ty,’ I whispered, ‘How did you remember?’

“Ty laughed picking me up off the ground, ‘Your my best friend. Anything you tell me, I’ll remember. I promise.’”

I stopped reading, Emily and Ty. Emily and me. Christmas last year the year before I’d left. I had given that to Emily, I had told her that exact same thing. I almost felt like she was starting to feel something for me.

But I’d never thought it was true. My whole life I’ve always imagined it like it was. Me in love with a girl, a girl who’d never love me back. I’ve dreamed of this, of this happening. Not like this though, it was supposed to be in our meadow. I would finally have the courage to tell Emily and she would smile her perfect smile and say she loved me too. Then after that I don’t care what happens all I’ve wanted to know was if Emily felt what I did. The feeling like her heart is melting, burning, anything. Anything that meant she might love me.

I opened the book up to the last page.

“And now I’m grieving. Wanting to know the truth. I thought he loved me, I guess I was wrong.

“‘Maybe he’ll come back,” I whisper, ‘I’ll just wait until tomorrow.’”

I stand up, the book sadly tucked under my arm, “Until tomorrow,” I whisper.

Emily’s waiting for tomorrow. And so am I. If we’re both waiting for the same thing Maybe it’s time I finally put all my reasons not to do this aside and think of all the reason to do it.

I run out of the book store, the first time I ever shoplifted. And I don’t even care. All that’s on my mind is Emily. Her smile, her face, just her. The last time I saw her I had broken her heart, I had broken her heart.

And now I had to fix it.

I had to, it felt so right, it was the most right thing I’d ever done. Even if I have to convince her that I was wrong, I’ll still do it. You have to get though the day before you can see the stars.

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