Aibelyn Royalty Takes Spring

Poor Mondé sitting around with little to do

Sometime I do sigh and think about you

Good form and legs to be tired

Big day ahead don’t get fired

Along came a spring to get sired

Love is the best along came Aibelyn in that dress

Today is the day wake with promise no delay

Long ago do this for me

I watched as you sit in the tree

Heaven has sent you to me

Deal with the days we met

Tranquil as spring we test

Pull on up feel happiness

Card of mine in the mail on time

Barbie to push?

On earth my heart soars

The feel of wind I can’t ignore

Take me there with out misery

Behind the wheel is a luxury

Dashboard confessions of my dreams

Late at night keep me from the memes

Up all night doughnut run Strawberries & Cremes

Drive on run spring and do your thing

Right left never dead got it all

And watch this dream

Oh mine comes true I don’t wanna be blue

Got a kiss you and you know it

Got a miss you please don’t blow it

Working all the time

Keeping up my line

Good you are the best

This is passing the test


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