Apocalyptic End Times

To the one who I hope will survive the end times while I don’t.

Even though she couldn’t last a day.

Some say, only lovebirds find each other in Apocalypse. I don’t think it’s true. the apocalypse says you don’t know who will survive or who will die could be you wondering in the Apocalypse the end times as well.

But at least one of us made it out maybe will I have some closure to my life.

Knowing you found safety, even if I didn’t .

I’m here and you’re in safe Haven.

You found Hope while I stayed hidden .

You’ve begged for me to go with you, but I didn’t listen. I stayed back and it cost me my life.

One time I didn’t listen to you it cost me everything .

Called you nicknames before, but never this one


You’re still human well, I’m not .

Even in the apocalyptic end times

You’re still on my mind .

So I roam around in search of you .

And eventually we meet again.

One of us human, the other, something that could only be described once the end times have arrived.

Our eyes meet for the first time in years, decades.

In yours , terror, sadness, realization that I have become inhumane.

In my eyes, there is only one thing, lifelessness .

My eyes had become lifeless voids of empty darkness that were crater like .

I wasn’t aware of it, but well, I saw you I gained consciousness I became more human than I have been in years.

When I was partially aware of, was what you were holding in your arms a loaded gun.

I tried to communicate with you, after I had gained my ability speech again i tried warning of my true capabilities, but i have none I am but a wanderer.

Someone who roams the lifeless and terrain of this apocalyptic end times.

I tried speaking, but it only came out as a grumble. I took a step towards your direction, but you took a step back and raised your gun slowly, but noticeably.

My eyes widened. I had gained somewhat consciousness, and what I had become.

And then I had realized no matter who I was I was going to be shot no matter what my relation to you was, you shot me, and that’s what you did show me head in the centre of my head in our abandoned world .

Only a small amount of blood dripped out of the bullet hole. I looked at you last time, my eyes and smile crypto my face before I closed my eyes for my eternal slumber where I would lay in a wasteland, a forgotten planet.

And you moved on how kind of you to leave my body there

I wasn’t what you think I am I wasn’t part of the living dead in fact, in this apocalyptic zone, they weren’t any members of the dead. There was a war, many survivors many people who didn’t know they were survivors yet called it the last attempt we didn’t know what this war would result in.

Less than 10 days the war became nuclear . Nowhere on the planet was safe and so was no one only those on the ISS in space, and in Antarctica and the arctic were at the least risk. Even after the nuclear part ended and countries around the globe realized what had happened to this planet, all the civilians without governmental status, continue to live their daily, lives in the barren wasteland.

Only 72 hours the effects of the nukes were clear, very few survived in each country, I and my… “Human” we’re survivors.

Some miracle had saved us, those who weren’t as fortunate as us members of the survivors, the coldhearted .

They had entered some sort of paralysis. They could still move and walk, but they couldn’t speak some couldn’t see some couldn’t hear, but no matter what the scientist did they would still be able to move around.

That’s what I become. I gave up the chance to join you in freedom. I’m never got to truly say what always been on my mind. Because you killed me in the apocalyptic times we survived together for some of it but you killed me eventually and left me there. The coldhearted never die so be ready because the cool is hard and strike back harder than any human can strike.

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