To Be Someone’s

Statue me

Paint or sculpt me with such poise

Statue me

Leave me in the courtyard of your mind

To collect raindrops with my tears

Yet be under your kind

Statue me

Freeze my being, stone me like Medusa

Place me on a pedestal tall as st Lucia

Statue me

For everyone or no one to see

with chiseling imperfections on my torso.

Statue me

with height like lady liberty or an Oscar

Pause me in time as I exist

Statue me

I wouldn’t even consider bending another limb,

If it meant I could be

in the light of day of your garden

for eternity

Statue me

Watch as my muscles harden,

And I lose myself internally.

Statue me

Toss me aside,

With the rest of your sculptures

How full of greed

Is your heart?

Statue me

Now that I can’t bleed

Your actions and ignorance hit me like a hammer

Wound after wound

Yet nothing pouring out

Statue me

Till I tire you

My face not something you want to see

Yet you collect my pieces so blue,

And begin your process again.

Statue me,

Er wait.

We did that.

Now statue him,

Until his shadow makes you sick.

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