One Long Night

One long night, so dark and deep,

Starry skies, in silence, weep.

The world slumbers, in peaceful rest,

While wandering thoughts, within me, crest.

A solitary moon, in silver hue,

Casts shadows, upon the misty view.

The stillness whispers, in hushed tones,

As solitude, in my soul, seeks to atone.

Through the hours, I search for peace,

But inner turmoil, refuses release.

A restless mind, in quiet despair,

Navigates the depths, with tender care.

In the stillness of this endless night,

I find solace, in my silent plight.

For in the darkness, I seek to find,

The grace and mercy, of a gentle kind.

In the quietude, my spirit soars,

As I write these words, from within my core.

One long night, where dreams take flight,

And thoughts unfurl, in the pale moonlight.

So let the stars, my journey guide,

Through the darkness, I shall abide.

For in this long and solemn night,

I find the strength, to face the light.

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