Chyna Sheppard stares out the back window of her best friend’s family home. It’s after midnight and yet, Edgler Foreman Vess, her best friend’s brother, stands staring back at her intensely before pulling his shirt off and diving into the pool. She feels a pull, an instinct to go out and talk to him. Edgler lives with an intensity of doing things without reservations and Chyna finds herself trapped in his captivating orbit.

Chyna doesn’t let people get close to her, due to a life of being disappointed and hurt by anyone she ever let get close to her. Edgler proves to be her biggest obstacle yet as she’s sworn off all men and hopes to get through the summer, single. She just wants to finish her masters and start her career and her real life. But the longer she stays with her friend, she finds it harder to deny the feelings that are burning deep inside her. Will she keep the promise to herself to stay single for the summer, or will she give into Edgler Foreman Vess’ intensity?

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