Running girl

We look to a western world in the dead of night.

We can see a princess running out of the palace gates doing everything she can not to be seen. But we can. She goes to the stables and mounts her older sisters horse. Out to the country side she goes with nothing but a horse and a satchel of basic supplies on her back. She thinks, “I just changed my life” and she was correct. If she were to be caught she would be jailed for who knows how long. But the small, slim possibility that she would survive out here would be incredible.

Back to the castle we look. We can see that the king, queen, and all of their eight children (well, now seven) are searching and scanning for any sign of their princess. The king calls for guards to scan every inch, nook, and cranny of his kingdom.

One year later

The princess is doing amazing. She has a small cabin in a country across the sea. She has a girlfriend and has to plans to propose to her this night.

The kingdom she escaped from has no idea where she is, and have almost given up on trying to find her. Even thought almost a month after she left she went back to get money and a clean pair of clothes.

Our princess has a new life and thousands on new beginnings.

-Taylor Rose Collins

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